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Blockbooks and blockbook fragments

  • Eight items from the Bodleian Library collections representing four different blockbook texts; Apocalypse (three editions), Biblia Pauperum (three editions, one a fragment), Canticum Canticorum, and the Ars minor of Donatus (fragment). (Reference numbers Bod-inc BB-1 to Bod-inc BB-8).
  • The collection also displays a fragment, held in the Ashmolean Museum, of a German blockbook of the Passion. 
  • Two post-15th-century blockbooks from Bodleian Library collections: the Opera nova contemplativa, printed in Venice in the 16th century, and a 17th-century Russian Orthodox calendar.

Single-leaf woodcut and metalcut pictures

  • 41 single-leaf prints. (Reference numbers Bod-inc XYL-1 to Bod-inc XYL-36)


  • Four copies of a papal indulgence from 1482. (Reference number Bod-inc XYL-34)

Prototypography (the use of both woodblock and movable type)

  • A copy of the Speculum humanae salvationis, dating from the early 1470s, displaying both xylographic and typographic printing.  (Reference number Bod-inc S-268)

The images of these items are presented in context, showing, for instance, a handwritten interleaved German translation of the Apocalypse (BB-2) and the incorporation of snippets of woodcut printing into the marginal decoration of a manuscript book (XYL-28).

Evidence of paper watermarks gathered by scholars has been included in the form of images made by beta-radiography.


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Individual images, including illustrated pages within blockbooks, are captioned in English following the descriptions made by Nigel Palmer and those in W.L. Schreiber, Manuel de l’amateur de la gravure sur bois et sur métal au XVe siècle, (vol. IV, 1902) and can be searched from the “List of Items” or within the image database (“See images”) by shelfmark, reference number, title, and keyword.

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